Stoping Safety Products

Steeltype Safety Nets

In Gullies or on Stope faces used in conjuction with Temporary support to Safeguard workers against fall of ground

Wooden Travelingway Ladders

To equip travelling ways and second escape routes for persons to safely travel up/down

5 / 9 Hole Cut Director

Used to assist Drillers to drill the breaking point correctly in Gullies or Development ends

Grizzley Bearer Set

Pre fabricated steelwork for easy installation of Tipsteel as it is bolt together only

Nylock Snatch Block Safety Bolt

A Bolt with a Locknut that is used on Snatchblochs to secure the schackle

Gate Stulls

A Bolt with a Locknut that is used on Snatchblochs to secure the schackle

Blasting Barricade

Light weigh gate type of barricade used to prevent contamination to the back area of the blast.

Plastic Gulley Ladder

For climbing up/down from stope faces into gullies or in Development ends

Law Blasting Wire Suspension Bracket

For suspension of electric blasting wires

Battery Signaling Device

Used on Winches & Monowinches for signalling between Operator and other workers


The waterhose of a rockdrill machine is passed through it and it is used to controll water usage usage underground especially in stopes to prevent mudrushes


For assisting Ventilation controll and safeguarding persons at tip installations

Winch Holding Down Bolt Spanner

Used by Winch Operators to tighten bolts during entry examination daily or new winch installations

Whipcheck Safety Slings for Airhose

To secure Airhoses to manifolds or Rockdrills to safeguard operators should hose pull out

LAW Cable and Bell Suspender

Inserted into packs on sides of Gully for suspension of electric cables or Bellwire of the signalling devices

Sweeping shovel

It is used to do face prepation on the face or to scrape out fines during sweeping operations

Hooks for Safety Nets (T.I.M)

Used to secure Safetynets to Roofbolts , Hydrabolts or Splitsets

Law Tip Sign Unit

Information signs in a fixed frame that is displayed at Tip areas regarding use of PPE and travelling arrangements past a tip area

See-Through Vent Barricades

To controll ventilation and also prevents accidents as it is see through- monorope transport of items is visible beyond the brattice

16mm / 10mm Chain Cutter

A tool that prevent finger injuries while cutting chains

LAW S-hook net tensioner 500mm


LAW Steel Traveling Ladder


LAW Aluminium Pinchbar (Gwala)


LAW Aluminium measuring staff 1.3m or 2.3m


LAW Marking Stick (Khomba Stick)