General Mine Safety Products

Gully Boxstand

Steel frame manufactured for installation of Electrical boxes to distribute electric current

Winch Anchor Clamps

Re inforced steel clamps which is used to pin down winches or monowinches on installation

Concrete Sleeper Transport

Used to safely transport sleepers during rail installation thus preventing hand injuries

Signs / Boards

Notice Boards on ABS plastic, Chromadeck etc, printed according to the client’s needs

Air Leg Extention

Used by Drillers in high ends to drill the top holes as not to damage the hanging wall

Pipe Clamp

Clamps are used to seal off water or compressed air leaks to prevent water running int oorepasses or air wastage

Waiting Place Banner

A plastic Banner with pockets for Plans and communication such as Safety , Ventilation and other report- usually displayed at the waitingplace underground

Re-Rail Device

A steel Rod with handles that is used to re rail Mechanical loaders Safely

Flinstone Roll-a-Charge

A transport medium for explosives which is pushed up with plastic pipes up a blocked orepass to blast down the obstruction safely

Twister Airmover

A venturi type airmover that make use of 25mm compressed air to assist whith ventilating areas and dead spots or to blow out pockets of methane

Nylon Safety Net

Used In Gullies or on Stope faces used in conjuction with Temporary support to Safeguard workers against fall of ground

Hooks for Safety Nets (T.I.M.S.)

Used to secure Safetynets to Roofbolts , Hydrabolts or Splitsets


A Clamp that is used to temporarily join a broken rail so that tramming can continue untill fishplates can be installed

Lockable Place Boards

A Lightweight steel notice board with Pockets for Plans, and communication such as Safety, Ventilation and other reports. It can be moved easily from one area to the next area.


A Steel Strap used to space rails on the required gauge when sleepers were damadged and rails kicked open , untill permanent sleepers can be installed

Lockable Steel Communication Book Holder

A Lockable steel container for placement of communication books between different shifts

LAW Mining Health & Safety Act Book


LAW Pull rod with chain & handle


LAW Rail Carier Tool


LAW Jumpset carier tool


LAW Steel wire rope


LAW Bolt & Rope Cutter


LAW Mining G-Clamp


LAW Explosive Box Stand


LAW Hexagon Pinch Bar with handguard

For heavy duty levering and cleaning practices during the entry examination for the barring process.